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Food Packages

pain au chocolat.jpg
Mini muffins.jpg

Breakfast Buffet*

£5 per person Min 8 people

Selection of croissants, pain au chocolate, muffins, waffles and delicious fruit platter with fruit juice/squash.

cocktail sausages.jpg
mini sausage rolls_edited.jpg

Lunch Buffet*

£6 per person Min 8 people

Sandwiches, cold pizza, mini sausages & mini sausage rolls, crisps, fruit & veggies with fruit juice.

Add sweet platter - Extra Cost

lunch boxes.jpg

Individual Lunch Box*

£7.50 per person Min 8 people

Includes; cheese/ham/jam sandwich, crisps, small yoghurt, fruit, veggie pot, chocolate bar and

a fruit juice.

Sweet Platter +£2 Per Head Min 8 people

Selection of biscuits, cakes, tray bakes and doughnuts.

*Food order must be confirmed 2 weeks before the party date, Please note that all allergies and dietary requirements must be reported at time of order and may incur additional costs.

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